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Keep your feet warm

Silver Socks are the perfect foot insulator when outdoors in the cold weather

Silver reflects heat so keeps the warmth in, keeping your feet warmer.

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Silver Socks for Diabetes

How the 12% Silver Long or 12% Silver Short Socks can help:
The soft leg of the socks (no elastic) helps prevent circulation problems. No swollen legs or feet because the socks are a tight fit.
Toe seam is transferred to the exterior, therefore no exposure of the delicate diabetic skin to any pressure.
The socks contain 12% Natural Silver Fibre which has natural antibacterial properties.
Bad odor (caused by bacteria) are removed.
Silver regulates temperature: cool feet in warm environment, comfortable warm feet in cold environments.
Together with the sweat reducing properties natural silver can help to stop Athletes foot and prevents new fungus infections

Silver is a Natural Solution for anyone suffering with Diabetic Feet and Legs

Is there a diabeties sufferer who is not aware of annoying skin problems, notably on the legs and feet?
In some cases there are fissures, in some cases large cracks, and underlying other causes of a multitude of clinical issues
Neuropathy in diabetes leads to reduced secretion of sweat (dry skin) and often also reduces the sensation of pain which then leads to an increased injury risk.
The risk of sustaining dangerous wounds is further enhanced by the fact that wound healing usually is clearly impaired because of disturbed or poor blood circulation.
The never-ceasing preventative care for diabetic feet is of paramount importance.

Shoes should always be comfortable to wear

There should be no hard tips or internal seams. In general, there should be nothing inside the shoe that might expose the skin to any pressure. The same applies to socks suitable for diabetics. A soft top and flat toe seam are a basic requirements.
12% Silver Short Socks and 12% Silver Long Socks have no compression and offer these features, they are a natural healthcare product which provides special antibacterial protection due to the Natural Silver knitted inside the sock.
Bacteria which can cause instant inflammations to scratches and surface wounds is effectively killed by the the antibacterial performance of natural silver.
Therefore Silver Socks provide excellent protection against many foot complications and are a dynamic and invincible factor in foot care and prophylaxis for diabetics.
The advantages of the 12% Silver Socks can be summarised as follows
These socks have extra special technical soft tops and a fitting effect of 3 – 4 mmHg created by the silver.
There is no use of any elastane or rubber threads knitted into the sock to create any pressure effect on the thin skin, legs and feet.


Your feet are a high-risk area if you are someone suffering with diabetes and extra special care is your priority.
Examination of diabetic feet should be a daily routine, looking for any problems that if left unattended may cause more significant problems. Blisters, dry skin or minor cracks on the feet should not be overlooked, ultimately this may lead to skin damage and ulceration.
With around one in ten diabetic patients suffering from foot ulcers its very important to take extra care.

General principles

Wash the feet daily, taking care to dry very gently with a soft towel especially between the toes. Always check the temperature of the water before washing the feet and always avoid other items that may burn such as hot water bottles, electric blankets or sitting too close to a fire.
As diabetes can leave you with reduced sensation in the feet it is important to ensure that your shoes and silver socks are a comfortable and correct fit.
Our 12% Silver socks are breathable and constructed with a high percentage of combed cotton for comfort. The sock toe seam is manufactured to be smooth and to avoid unnecessary friction or pressure that may occur with traditional socks.
There is no elastane in the sock and is technically designed for a soft contact to the leg and foot to avoid any restriction to the circulation.

12% Silver Short and Long Socks that have both excellent thermodynamic and antimicrobial properties for keeping the feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

Textile Content
80% Cotton
12% Silver
8% Polyamide