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Keep your feet warm

Silver Socks are the perfect foot insulator when outdoors in the cold weather

Silver reflects heat so keeps the warmth in, keeping your feet warmer.

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Customer Comments

12% Silver Gloves
Much better fit than my other gloves. They don’t feel as rough either. Marked difference in the heat retention during and after use! Longer cuff covers my wrists too, which is helpful and feels nicer. I would recommend these highly and it’s even helped with my joint pain because my hands heated up so quickly that it soothed my joints. Very pleased and impressed and love that they’re lightweight and black.
These gloves, like my others, actually work with all touchscreens. Brilliant!’ H, Liverpool

Thank you very much for your recommendation for Best4Body Silver T-Shirts.
Since being in my menopause, I have been suffering from a very dry skin.
This frequently means that I regularly suffer from severe itching especially on my back where I have been applying creams which help but does not prevent the condition.
Since I have started wearing the Best4Body Silver Tee Shirt instead of my normal undershirt, the intolerable itching has completely gone. So changing what underclothing that I wear means the itching problem has disappeared, just like that, and I no longer need to use the cream for medication.
And another nice side effect that I noticed is that in my opinion I have the impression that my attacks of hot flushes are not now as serious as before.

I have recently completed a trekking tour of 6 weeks in Northern Queensland, Australia and wore mostly the BEST4FEET® socks. Daily tours were about 15 to 25 km (9 to 18 Miles) including average one river crossing per day. I used Gore-Tex Trekking shoes. The socks survived everything. I had no blisters and Athlete Foot was no topic. The photo shows a camp site after 11 Miles trip including 4 river crossings. The socks were put out to hang dry on the rope at the right.

For the past 2 months I have had an inflamed toe. Because I easily perspire it has never had a chance to heal completely. A few weeks ago I tried the BEST4FEET socks. Now the toe is much better and almost healed.

I am a farmer and have to work the whole day in heavy boots, often these are rubber boots or wellingtons. Even when you are used to strong smells on a farm you still want to avoid foot odour. About 3 weeks after I had started to wear BEST4FEET socks, the problem of sweat had reduced considerably and the odour has been eliminated completely. I am most satisfied with your socks. They have freed me from a real nasty odour problem.

As a financial consultant I  have to travel a lot in my car. Although I do not have problems with sweat or Athlete Foot, every now and then I cannot avoid a foot odour problem especially in the hot summer. In my job meeting clients I cannot afford to have any bad odour. Thanks to your silver socks this danger has disappeared much to the delight of my wife. They are comfortable to wear and feel cool.

For the past 2 months I have been wearing your 9% classic long socks and I am happy to report excellent benefits. I suffer from Diabetes but your stockings are comfortable to wear and have improved my circulation. Oedema (swelling) has also reduced considerably. Although I sit the whole day in front of a computer I don't get the heavy leg feeling anymore. I have started recommending your socks already to my colleagues.

Just wanted to say how wonderful your socks are, my daughter suffers from Raynauds, it was 1.3 degrees this morning here in Perth Australia and her feet were lovely and warm thanks to your socks.  Will be ordering more now that I know they are helping
her condition.

I write to let you know that I have been most impressed with the diabetic long socks and gloves that I have purchased from you.  I have just returned from a long haul flight wearing these socks and it is the very first time that my feet have not swollen on such a flight.  I have to say that I was a little apprehensive about wearing the socks with such a small amount of compression but they worked a treat.  I suffer from Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and therefore cannot cope with anything tight on my legs or feet and as I have already stated I was very impressed.  Anything remotely constricting around my legs would cause a great deal of discomfort and I had purchased numerous amounts and types of socks/knee highs etc and I would find them so uncomfortable that I would have to discard them, needless to say that I was very dubious when I found your website and made my first purchase only to find comfort at last!  I have told my doctor about your products and how helpful they are. 

Excellent service my gloves were delivered this morning.
I have an auto immune disease and for my entire life have suffered with severe Raynaud’s. My current employment involves spending long periods of the day outside so any cold weather makes my job incredibly difficult and in the recent harsh cold pretty unbearable.
I have spent years and a small fortune trying different gloves and socks in a bid to keep warm. I have to say that I was very sceptical when I first saw them as they are pretty thin but happy to give them a go. I have worn them outside all day with a pair of cheap woollen gloves over the top and I cannot believe how warm they have kept my hands.
For the first time ever I have been able to be outside without my hands being extremely cold and painful, it really has been extraordinary.
Whilst early days I feeling is that they will make a huge difference to my life as even walking through a chilled isle in the supermarket can cause my hands to go blue.
I am a very satisfied customer and will be ordering more of your products.

I have had diabetes for the past 7 years and since then also been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy.
I remember reading many testimonials and thinking what a lot of rubbish, but decided to buy a pair of Silver Socks and Glove despite the costs'
I have just got through wearing both over the last six days and what a great feeling with both my hands and feet feeling so much better with less pain and more warmth. I have worn my socks all day and I will probably wear them at night when I go to bed.
I am also going to reduce my medication as I feel it’s no longer needed!
Thank you so very much!!! I will definitely be ordering more silver socks and gloves soon.

I recently ordered a pair of your Silver Socks and a pack of Silver Gloves for my husband who has suffered peripheral neuropathy in his feet and fingers for the past 5 years. Within hours after putting them on, his hands and feet no longer felt like "blocks of ice" and he could flex his toes. So, I just ordered 2 more packs of each!
Thank you for helping

My order was received this morning.  Many thanks for a very prompt and efficient service.  I never knew about silver gloves until I trawled the internet and now I have found you I will certainly use your company again.  I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and suffer from Raynaud’s mostly in my toes.  However Raynaud’s only affected the tips of several fingers, but for the past week it has affected the whole of the fingers which go deathly white and dead, and later very painful.  I thought these gloves would be like T-shirt material, but was pleasantly surprised as they are very sturdy and comfortable and also very smart when worn alone.
Once again, many, many thanks!

Hello - I never thought I would feel so much difference with the best4feet diabetic socks. As a result I have recommended you to the orthotics department at my local hospital so that they have your details to give for all their diabetic patients.

I bought the gloves in Nov and it is thanks to them that my hands have survived the Big Freeze!  I was dreading the effect the snow and ice would have on my Raynauds and chilblains but they have cleared up!! I wore your silver gloves as a liner under my thermal gloves and my initial burst of chilblains cleared up a lot quicker than previous years since wearing the gloves.  They are thin enough to wear as a glove liner which I think did the trick.  Many thanks for a pain free winter! 

Many thanks for providing the silver clothing which managed to keep me warm for the whole time I was away in sub zero temperatures.Just to give you an idea of the silver clothing which I wore, (in addition to other items worn over the top) - I wore two pairs of long silver socks and my feet which are always cold, stayed warm, silver long johns, two silver vests and silver mittens. I know that I couldn't have managed to keep warm without these silver items and hope very much that you will increase your range of silver products.After completing this challenge I have proved that the silver in your products is effective in helping to retain the body's temperature and to keep you warm.
Thanks again

I have received my order this morning for 2 pairs of gloves and socks from yourselves and just felt I had to drop you a quick line just to say how fantastic these products are.
 I am only 29 but have suffered with Raynaud’s since my early teens. This winter so far with the extremely low temperatures has been absolute torture for me because my work entails a mixture of indoor and outdoor work, and the only time my hands and feet are warm (especially my feet) are warm is when I am in bed or swathed in the warmest pair of slippers I can find, so when I when I read an article in the Daily Mail regarding keeping warm this winter about silver socks and how they might help with my condition I set about finding your website.

Right from the very first second that I put the gloves on I could feel them working and I cannot believe that my hands are toasty and warm as I am writing this (in fact I have had to take them off because they were getting too warm!!!!! An absolute novelty for me!)
 I also put the socks on as soon as I received them and although they have taken longer to warm my feet as they were already white with cold when I put them on first thing this morning, they are now warm too.
I cannot thank you enough, it's just so nice not to be in pain with cold hands and feet and not be grouchy and miserable because of it! My family will also be very grateful to you too because they see how much I suffer and therefore complain!!!
 I have sent my spare pair of gloves to my Grandmother who suffers terribly with Raynaud’s too, so I hope to be able to help her out too!
Many, many, many grateful thanks again,

I wish to post a testimonial. This is something I never do. But I so love being warm in your socks etc... for years I have been trying to keep warm over winter, and have even suffered mild frostbite on my hands here in London a few years ago. The pain of cold of a Raynauds attack is something only a fellow sufferer can understand, unless someone is sent up a mountain in winter with inadequate clothing. This is the first time socks have really worked for me... and fingerless gloves..(which in the past don't seemed to have helped.
So thank you!

Even during the summer months my feet would remain on the cold side - so in winter there are barely seconds when they would be warm between rising from my bed in the morning and going to bed at night.
This hasn't stopped me doing what needs to be done, even outside in the normal Scottish winter.
This morning there was no change in my normal routine and, as usual I was working sufficiently steadily to sweat, but both feet remained like blocks of ice.
BUT after the post delivery this morning, my world has all changed, with wearing only the thin pair of your silver socks my feet are now as warm as toast !!!!!!!!
I must thank you for your patience with me; I am now feeling so much warmer and it has also paid dividends to the way my overall body feels. I also suspect it has something to do with wearing the silver long socks that helps to increase the blood flow throughout my legs.
Needless to say I shall be ordering more in the near future.

You may remember me speaking to you and then ordering several pairs of silver socks; some were black and others white.
I wore the socks continuously - night and day for about three months; initially, I noticed only the reduction in the itching. However, as I write, since about November, I have noticed a definite improvement – see the latest photo. There is now no itching, no redness, and no scaly skin.
Bearing in mind that I have had this horrid condition for over forty years and during that time I have received and used many forms of medication, none of which have worked.
I can only assume that the improvement is due to the wearing of your silver socks.
I will keep you informed of further progress. Regards

Thank you very much for your recommendation for Best4Body Silver T-Shirts.
Since being in my menopause, I have been suffering from a very dry skin. This frequently means that I regularly suffer from severe itching especially on my back where I have been applying creams which help but does not prevent the condition. Since I have started wearing the Best4Body Silver Tee Shirt instead of my normal undershirt, the intolerable itching has completely gone. So changing what underclothing that I wear means the itching problem has disappeared, just like that, and I no longer need to use the cream for medication.And another nice side effect that I noticed is that in my opinion I have the impression that my attacks of hot flushes are not now as serious as before.
Kind regards

Firstly, my apologies for not responding sooner
I received the gloves and socks a couple of weeks ago, but life has been a little hectic recently.I do get very cold and suffer badly with both my hands and feet.I have worn the silver gloves quite a few times this week, and the fit is perfect. They really are very snug and comfortable. They seem to warm up my hands gradually and then keep them nice and warm, I have worn them quite a bit yesterday and they stopped my finger going numb.I forgot to take them with me tonight for a brief trip to see my Gran, and my finger was white when I got there. So I would say that they work very well. They also have the benefit of being small so they fit in a pocket or handbag easily - my thermal gloves are rather bulky. They are defiantly going to Poland with me on holiday next week.

I would also like to say how wonderful the silver socks are that I purchased during your expo at the NEC - they are absolutely perfect for wearing in bed! My toes have always been icy and the usual bed-socks make me hot and uncomfortable after a few hours. The silver socks are comfortable to wear all night.
Many thanks

We met at the House of Commons reception and you were kind enough the send me a pair of your new Silver Thick Socks.
I have “test-trodden” them during last Saturday in London! They are excellent being comfortable and warm whilst keeping your feet dry, exceptional for standing a long time which we did and walking a long way which we also did. I will most definitely be purchasing more of them.
Best wishes

My youngest son Mike age 5 has been suffering from bad Dermatitis and has severe difficulty sleeping because of really bad discomfort from itching. We have tried a lot of different types of medication including cortisone ointment.
We decided to try the Best4Body Silver wear. We choose the Tee shirt as a nightdress and the silver gloves.
After he was wearing the silver clothes for about a week, there was already a visible improvement on his skin. After a further three weeks we did not bother to apply any further cortisone ointment.
This natural treatment has been just fantastic for all of us as Mike is now sleeping well again.