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Keep your feet warm

Silver Socks are the perfect foot insulator when outdoors in the cold weather

Silver reflects heat so keeps the warmth in, keeping your feet warmer.

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Silver Warming Gloves

FIR Warming Silver Gloves, Silver Mittens and Fingerless Gloves
The technology of these innovative 12% silver gloves was a joint development by TDS Healthcare Ltd in cooperation with the University of Leiden, Netherlands

FIR Warming Silver Gloves are approved by SCLERODERMA & RAYNAUD'S UK (SRUK) a National UK charity
If you constantly have Cold Hands or Fingers from Raynaud’s, or you are having Chemotherapy Treatment or Suffering from Diabetes, then seamless Heated Silver Gloves using Far-Infrared technology will help to keep the hands warmer and help ward off any Raynaud’s attack.
Chemotherapy Treatment, Diabetes and Skin Infections where the pain of nerve damage and finger ulcers can affect both genders of all ages.
Seamless Heated Silver Gloves can help where there is constant cold, numbness, tingling and pain which commonly affects hands and fingers and which can be extremely serious

What is the major difference with the all new 12% Silver Gloves
The natural pure silver content has been increased to 12% and the silver content is now fully woven on the inside of the glove, Silver has a 95% Far-Infrared (IR) reflectivity rating giving "Inner Energy” providing naturally occurring thermo energy which creats a gently deep warmth that invigorates the fingers and hands. As there is more silver directed to the skin, there are therefore improved heat retaining properties and this has been identified in recent consumer wear trials.
They have improved four way stretch to the hand and fingers this makes them easier to get on and off, they are also thinner and lighter in weight.
Should your hands or fingers swell through recent illness then these gloves will expand with them.
The product is completely seamless and fully machine washable

Silver has an "Infrared Reflectivity" (IR) rating higher than 95% the highest of any element
In other words 95% of the energy that contacts silver will be reflected back to its source. As a result radiative heat loss is minimised by actively reflecting and storing the body's energy back to the skin and will be significantly warmer than clothing without silver


Silver has one of the lowest emissivity ratings for any element, this means that it radiates thermal energy very slowly and will remain warm for a very long period
Any heat not reflected back will be absorbed and stored in the silver fibre for an extended period of time
Seamless silver gloves with Far-Infrared Technology either can be worn either on their OWN or as LINERS with other outdoor gloves.
FIR Warming Silver Gloves are approved by SRUK a National UK charity
Raynaud’s is a distressing vascular disorder involving reduced blood flow in response to cold or emotional stress. Its a condition in which the blood is temporarily prevented from reaching the fingers and toes. In its most severe form it can be very painful, and in secondary Raynaud’s ulcerations may occur which could become gangrenous and lead to amputation.
Scleroderma is a rare rheumatic autoimmune condition affecting the connective tissue. Scleroderma means hard skin but the hardness is not limited to the skin because the internal organs and their blood supply may become damaged.

Chemotherapy / Peripheral Neuropathy

Far-Infrared Silver Gloves and Fingerless Gloves can Help
The incidence of Peripheral Neuropathy is not known with any degree of certainty but the symptoms are unique to each individual in terms of frequency and severity of pain which can have a significantly impact on an individual’s quality of daily life. Peripheral Neuropathy to the hands and fingers can be caused by a variety of precipitating factors including Chemotherapy Treatment, Diabetes and Infections where the pain of nerve damage and finger ulcers can affect both genders of all ages.

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