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Keep your feet warm

Silver Socks are the perfect foot insulator when outdoors in the cold weather

Silver reflects heat so keeps the warmth in, keeping your feet warmer.

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Natural Silver Healthcare Products | Silver Gloves and Socks for Scleroderma & Raynauds

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12% Silver Glove for raynauds and warm hands

What our customers say...

Just wanted to say how wonderful your 12% silver socks are, my daughter suffers from Raynauds, it was 1.3 degrees this morning here in Perth Australia and her feet are lovely and warm thanks to your socks. Will be ordering more now that I know they are helping her condition.

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Silver Socks contain pure silver which is only knitted on the inside of the sock allowing the natural properties and benefits of silver to be maximised These 9% and 12% Silver socks can be worn everyday just like normal socks and are made to fit your individual feet / shoe size. Will keep those "Feet and Toes much Warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer” maintaining a regulated temperature.

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silver thread used in all our products contains 99.9% pure silver delivering unmatched performance and comfort for the life of the products whilst retaining traditional textile softness with durability, strength and tactile characteristics, giving all the benefits known to be inherent in pure silver



Silver Socks warm feet outside